Inspired by Indonesian folklores and their goddess, We choose 12 goddesses as a source of inspiration and tried to translate the spirit of each goddess in the form of jewelry. To complete the imagery of each of the goddesses, we also assign birth flowers to represent the spirit of each goddess, such as daisy flower for goddess Sridevi, both represent new beginnings, and so on

2017 Annual thematic Collection

Jakarta S.O.L

SOL means SUN. The symbol of life itself. It also stand for Sign Of Life. Inspired by the hustle bustle of city life, of the movement and hectic routines, of surrounding structural skycrappers building, of the trail of cars on highways. We were playing and experimenting with geometric shape , sleek unconventional lines but also with classical root, We translate them into contemporary pieces  to complete your sophisticated style

2016 Annual thematic Collection

Lioness of Marunda

Our debut collection at JFW 2016 The Lioness of Marunda , was inspired by an old Batavia folklore about brave lady warrior. We took her bold spirit into our statement pieces . 

2019 Annual thematic Collection

ALTJERINGA [:Dreamtime]

ALTJERINGA is a word that applied to the far distant past, time out of time

In the mythology of Altjeringa  or The Dreaming (also called the Dreamtime) is a sacred ‘once upon a time’ time out of time in which ancestral Totemic Spirit Beings formed The Creation.

The concept of the dreamtime has subsequently become widely adopted beyond its original context and is now part of global popular culture.

In collaboration with TERTIA and The Pasongsongan Premium 


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