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Previously named as Valentino Mutiara, established on 2010, is a retail-based company focusing on handmade jewelry using natural material as genuine pearl and gemstones. On 2015, Valentino Mutiara joined Indonesia Fashion Forward program as sole jewelry designer of the 4th Generation Batch . From there, through several process and brainstorming, we launched Ellyhan Jewelry, a line for our signature pearl jewelry pieces with thematic design. 

Ellyhan signatures are row of pearls which influenced by the designer herself, whose her entire linage has been pearl artisans. These strings of pearls, tied one by one, is made to perfection to ensure our customer satisfaction. Inspired by lifestyle of Jakarta Citizen, This contemporary piece manage to look radiant and sleek but also with classical root.

Our debut collection at JFW 2015 last year, The Lioness of Marunda , was inspired by an old Batavia folklore. And now, presenting her new thematic collection, The Glory of Sun city. Inspired by Jakarta’s lifestyle, Those contemporary pieces will suits flexibly with your sophisticated lifestyle.

Lia Ellyhan

Lia Ellyhan is the only Jewelry designer who joined Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) batch 4 fashion program. Her philosophy uniquely entwines elements of history in the creative design process while focusing on using genuine pearl material, ensuring each pieces is precious and finest quality.

Rama Raditya

As the Business Development Advisor, he hold a strategic central role that integrates sales, marketing, and research to ensure plan development and implementation successful. Seizing the opportunity, he managed to secure a government support to join the 4th Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) mentoring program.

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